RAEES movie review

I’m back with a latest review for the much awaited and anticipated movie of this year Raees starring Sharukh Khan and directed by Rahul Dholakia. I was almost fascinated by the storyline of a notorious business minded sharukh khan revered into a Robin Hood-like figure only to find out that it is the rise of a small time bootlegger into one of Gujarat’s liquor barons.  The movie is full of quick drama but seems over plotted .

The beginning is interesting with raees as a small boy already showing signs of a rebel, quick wit and sarcasm. He branches out his own business from what he learnt working as he grows older. emboldened by his mother’s teaching that “no job is too small” and reassured by a mentor that he’s got a “baniye ka dimaag aur Miya bhai ki daring”.

His quickk thinking and sheer ruthlessness are precisely the qualities that make him a magnetic figure for the audience and a messiah for his people, the mobster with a heart of gold, a staunchly secular humanist.

The plot too slips into repetition and predictability. it is the presence of Nawazuddin Siddiqui, as Majumdar, an incorruptible police officer obsessed with taking Raees down, and the thrilling interplay between both men that keeps you invested despite these bumps. Nawazuddin, who appears to be having a blast, cast against type and allowed to really sink his teeth into the part, once again reveals his gift for vastly improving a film by merely being in it but we’ve all seen him do much better roles.

The film, expectedly, is powered by the star wattage of Shah Rukh Khan himself, as most of his films usually are. From his introduction scene, lacerating his back during a Moharram gathering, to a Scarface-like shootout, all guns blazing, to his many moments simmering with rage, Shah Rukh commands your attention. In more pensive moments, and a quiet breakdown scene, he reveals the actor behind the star.

I give Raees a 1.5 rating for the intense drama, acting and atmospheric detail. Your reaction could differ so feel free to check it out for yourself.

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HARAAMKHOR movie review.


Today lets talk about some parallel cinema. the movies name is Haraamkhor, i apologise for the language but thats just how it is. This Nawazzudin Siddiqui starrer directed by Shlok Sharma touches a topic we can barely talk about. The frame was kept simple and minimalistic but with such a duo i was expecting more serious entertainment. i was taken aback looking at the trailer of this film to see a paedophile storyline . That is exactly the stigma we’r talking about. I decided to forget about it for a month since it got released on 13th jan. Until i found out its already available on Netflix.

In this debut feature, a girl falls for an older man finding solace from a troubled, personal life. The story unfolds a a minor and a married man do the dance. But we all know this exits, that it happens. Passion is no respecter of age but sex with a minor is illegal and showing it onscreen leads the film into a very grey area.

Sharma clearly has an aware perspective. He gets the claustrophobic feel of a small town to a T. His characters feel real. But I missed Depth. You need more weight to make a solid point like this. Siddiqi was rather quit coming through only in a few scenes although his wife was impressive in being both sympathetic and suspicious.

Two young boys always spying and clashing with both the leads seem very playful and amusing. One of them had feeling for the same as Siddiqi.

Overall besides some good shots and moments the film suffers from slightness.

I wonder did

the censorship process snip off more than we could chew?

Was there more?

A second film from talented Sharma will give us a clue.

I’d give Haraamkhor 2 out of  5 stars , what about u?

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genre – american superhero film, action adventure , fantasy, sic fi 

autuer – Zack synder 
Producers- warner bros. pictures 
mise en scene –
hair –
 henry cavil’s hair are very slick and rudy like they should be for superman with the perfect structure maintained in shape all times giving the good boy and clean look to him which is maintained as he plays clark kent too adding a little frizz though.
Ben Affleck on the other hand had a more laid back hairstyle letting them lose on the from giving him a corporate intense look that only meant business.
lux luther – as per the comic book he was supposed to be bold but they gave him not only hair but very long blond hair with a dirty messy spin to them giving him a modern villain look that goes more with the current image of his role in the film and the way people now look at the bad guy.


michael wickinson reprised himself as a costume designer making the suits looks amazing even without armour unlike previous films showing great physique and fitness of both actors.looking highly new age and ripped with the fabric and picturisation coming out beautifully. the superman suit was updated from the man of steel to feel fresh and right. the bat suit is influenced from the dark  knight returns.
wonder woman was revealed to look gorgeous and took the stage away for a few minutes 
make up
super man has great make up and looks charming with the slight touch of reality and beauty in a man making him look handsome 
batman has been made to look regular and very business like, looking effortless 
there is a lot of low key lighting giving a shadow effect except for when the nature of the scene required high key lighting was used to show the conflicting contrast in the two worlds that are bright and dark.
backlighting has been used for mystery scenes and increasing intensity at shots of suspense and a lot of background lighting was done to add depth to shots that required more seriousness
under lighting close ups to show mystery 
and harsh lights at the right angles to increase shadows 


a variety of shots have been used in the film ranging from close shots to mid shots during conversations and long shots to show big scenes of buildings and high jumps and falls. beautiful picturisation with technological advancement can be seen in the detailing of the shots and the way they have been shot to show amazing skills of filming and after production editing. coming knight out of a cmic book but in contact with reality to such an extent that you would forget yourself for once that this is all unreal and straight out of a comic boo thanks to great technology in the new editing. 


as superman becomes a controversial figure due to the destructive attack by General Zod in Metropolis, vigilante for two years “Batman”  sees Superman as a potential threat to humanity. After learning of Batman’s activities, Superman also views him as a threat, and seeks to stop him via the Daily Planet articles authored by him as Kent.Meanwhile, Luthor tries to convince Senator June Finch to allow him to import Kryptonite retrieved from the Indian Ocean following the results of Zod’s terraforming attempt, claiming to use it as a “deterrent” against Kryptonians, but she denies the request. He also makes side dealings with Finch’s subordinate and demands access to Zod’s body and the Kryptonian scout ship.

Luthor orchestrates a bombing at a congressional hearing where Finch is questioning Superman on the validity of his actions, which have resulted in deaths of civilians. The bomb kills dozens of people, including Finch. Frustrated with failing to save people, Superman goes into self-imposed exile. Batman breaks into LexCorp and steals the Kryptonite, planning to use it to battle Superman by building a powered exoskeleton, and creating a Kryptonite grenade launcher and a Kryptonite-tipped spear. Meanwhile, Luthor enters the Kryptonian ship and learns of its functions, as well as recorded alien worlds.

Luthor kidnaps Martha Kent, Clark’s adoptive mother. He reveals that he has manipulated Superman and Batman by fueling their animosity of each other. Luthor forces Superman to fight and kill Batman in exchange for Martha’s life. Superman tries to reason with Batman, but Batman instigates a fight and ultimately gains the upper hand thanks to the kryptonite grenades. Before Batman can kill Superman with the spear, Superman urges Batman to “save Martha”, whose name is also shared with Wayne’s late mother. Lane arrives and explains the situation, convincing Batman that Superman is not a threat. Upon learning of Luthor’s plan, Batman leaves to rescue Martha, while Superman confronts Luthor on the scout ship.

urprised at his own defeat, Luthor executes his backup plan, unleashing a genetically-engineered monster with DNA from Zod’s body and his own. However, Diana Prince arrives unexpectedly. Revealing her metahuman nature, she joins forces with them to fight the creature. However, they are soon outmatched by its power, as it is can absorb and redirect energy. Realizing that it is vulnerable to Kryptonite, Superman retrieves the Kryptonite spear and attacks the monster. With Batman and Prince’s help distracting it, Superman impales the creature. As it dies, the creature stabs and kills Superman with one of its bone protrusions.

Luthor is arrested, and while speaking to Batman he gloats that Superman’s death has made the world vulnerable to powerful alien threats. A memorial is held for Superman in Metropolis. Clark is also declared dead and Wayne, Lane, Martha, and Prince attend a private funeral for him in Smallville. Martha gives an envelope to Lane which contains an engagement ring from Clark. After the funeral, Wayne reveals to Prince that he plans to form a team of metahumans, starting with the ones from Luthor’s files, to help protect the world in Superman’s absence. After they leave, a faint heartbeat echoes from Clark’s coffin and the dirt around it begins to levitate.



This independent drama film written and directed by Damien Chazelle who while attending school in Princeton was in a very competitive jazz band and had a frightening experience with his band instructor on whom he has based the character of Terrence fletcher played by J.K Simmons and himself the student Andrew Niemen played by Miles Teller, who looks adorable in the cute school boy, clean, silent but full of emotions look, not saying much but doing great with his acting.  He wore casual plain shirts and tshirts with not much effort shown. Simmons on the other hand had a very strong and dominating role and did an amazing job with his acting on spot with his character that was mean and cocky; always insulting and degrading his students so he slaps, screams and berates Andrew as he can’t keep up his tempo while practising whiplash a famous jazz soundtrack n class also hurling a chair at him. Soon Andrew works really hard making his hands literally bleed again and again as he practised to become a core drummer of the band after which they all go for a competition where again andrew had to struggle to maintain his position as core drumme but as he earned his part and was on his way to the competion the bus breaks down and he has to rent a car, but out of nowhere while driving to the venue he meets with an accident. as his car is hit by a truck in am amazing shot where you are taken aback and shocked as it takes u by surprise and u can feel the truck almost hitting you but Andrew doesn’t give up, he crawls out of the car and runs with a bleeding head to make it in time for the competition. what happens next is for you to find out!
There were some beautiful shots like the truck hit and of Simmons being the arrogant man that he showed with so much anger and criticism, constantly mocking. But most of all what was amazing were the drum shots where Andrew plays in such poise and power that it leaves a scintillating effect on u that makes you speechless as the teacher student rivalry increases and talent is mastered by handwork and technique shown in extravagant orchestral ways to portray the ideal of music, emotions and success, besides all the drama.
The music was very impressive and engaging for those who like jazz and even those who don’t the sounds played in the movie as part of the script were good and so was the background music. All in all it was great film.


 Its a great show because i managed to watch the first season, which means it has potential 
 If you like Captain America or Jason Bourne , ur in for a treat with Ryan Phillips  starring in the famous tv series, Shooter released in 2016. He plays Bob Lee Swagger who’s not only a resourceful ex-marine sniper but actually  gifted with extraordinary shooting skills and a humble warrior. But as he gets caught in the snares set by a wide  group of influential men  who intend on serving the interests of various governments through assassination attempts and strategic misinformation. Swagger is framed for a crime he didn’t commit and at the same time runs captivity in an effort to clear his name. With the help of his wife and an FBI agent who began questioning the findings of the same investigation. 
Shooter shows a sporting variety of  weaponry  throughout,confronted with hunters committed to kill.  Swagger is seen as the perfect husband and father besides a great human who doesn’t kill any innocents at his mission which he does calmly  and firmly. The story goes well with the tension build up and keeps you attended with all the scheming and plotting by the opposition and resulting comebacks with full on force. The Action Thriller is captivating with top notch sniper shooting keeping in mind technical realities. Touching sensitive issues in a nation fascinated with guns, secrete plots, military force and covert operations, it somehow muddles through all those subjects in an attempt to deliver a conspiracy driven action hour, but it never quite becomes the sum of  its recognisable parts. Revolving around the same thing without much progress and a stagnant storyline after episode 5  . t is hard to imagine how they are going to keep the attention of the audience in season 2. 
So Netflix gives Shooter 5 stars, which seems legit if u look at cute and sexy Ryan Phillips but as a TV show i wudnt give it more than 2.5 , but thats my opinion and you are free to check it out for yourself 



  1. Setting
  1. The movie is mostly shot on locations in Boston, like a newspaper called the boston globe has been shown to show the audience where the film is set.
  1. simplistic props were used such as FBI set up or normal household dine tables, alleys and roads with a simple natural appearance.
  2. The time revolves around the 1970’s mainly, even the family homes portray the same. 
  3. regular roads, bars, homes, alleys parking lots. 
  4. the whole gangster feeling was brought out by showing the dark alleys, the normal homes and regular places which is where the power was shown through acting and the story.

  1. Costume , Hair and Make up 
  1. Make-up designer Joel Harlow has worked with Johnny Depp on at least 10 films, creating such characters as the irreverent pirate Jack Sparrow  colorful Mad Hatter in Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland. But the transformation of Depp into mobster Whitey Bulger in Black Mass shows the excellence of Harlow’s craft that is sure to have audiences doing a double take.
  2. In a keen and detailed collaboration, Depp and Harlow (and his team) have created a Boston mafia boss whose psychopathy emanates from unflinching piercing blue eyes, stained teeth and eerie smile with an Irish complexion that gives little hint of the actor.
  3. he wears almost the same kind of clothes and the jacket remains throughout the movie indicating that symbol it portrays through the kind of clothes he is wearing which are just vintage gangster ways of dressing that show they don’t care but remain fancy in a badass sort of a way showing power and strength and boldness.
  4. the leather jacket type is a symbol of gangsters.  the way he wears his collar up, his sunglasses everything compliment the whole badass look. 

  1. Facial expressions and Body Language
  1. johnny depp is shown to have a stern, powerful yet always resting and composed facial expression which gets uglier as he gets angrier or agitated when ticked off.
  2. his anger is shown by the way he kills people with the brutality and stone cold attitude. 
  3. his principles are strong and based on a different value system which he honours and respects and makes sure everyone around him also respect as the way he talks, walks and behaves is coherent to that. keeping his word. 
  1. Color and lighting
  1. colour carries certain connotations which add meaning to a scene . e.g. red showing danger, giving a scene a particular look, giving a dramatic effect.
  2. the movie generally uses dark lighting perhaps representing a way in which bulgar sees the world and is very much a reflection of his.
  3. shots are also shown in complete darkness. 
  4. the colors are vibrant according to the 70s atmosphere, but still portrays a dark atmosphere. 
  5. low key lighting
Sound and Visions
  1. less music except for some instruments to build up the tension at certain scene.
  2. boston accent to set up the mood.
  3. a lot of clips, 
  4. overhead shots, close ups, over the shoulder shots to show reactions. 



Child labour in India.

Number of children working in India has declined 60% from 12.6 million in 2001 to 4.9 million in 2010. Boys in rural areas constitute over 50% of children working in India. Uttar Pradesh has an estimated 1.7 million children working in various sectors. West Bengal and Rajasthan also show high numbers, although the estimated number of working children in UP is three times that of West Bengal.

In Bihar, over 81% of children working are rural males while in Jharkhand, 77% of children working are rural males. In Tamil Nadu, 80% of the children working are rural females.

Generally speaking, children in urban areas are better off when it comes to child labour. Rural children constitute 85% of the children working in the country – indicating a wide gap in education and child rights between rural and urban India.

Child labour is a deep-rooted problem as it denies the child his/her basic right to education. This, in turn, leads to unskilled adult labour force, which causes early physical decay, economic insecurity, low quality of life and ultimately high poverty.


Child labour is a vicious circle of poverty, unemployment, underemployment and low wages. Over the years, the Government has multiplied its efforts to address the needs and rights of exploited children.  The Government grants being released under NCLP have also seen a significant increase, which is translating to a higher number of rehabilitated children joining formal education in most major states. However, the high number of children working (4.9 million) is still worryingly high. Something that should bother not just policy makers but also well-meaning parents everywhere.

Connected .



You think you know  when there’s a connection with someone or something u really like.

but is there ? besides the learning curve that anything we experience may provide, and with our parents of course i see a connection there, and friends that we keep close who always know your next step and previous thought. Our connection with humans is still debatable.

While The World, The Universe  has its own language of communicating with us, Omens, intuitions, signs and mysteries to solve and understand so we can hear what the earth has to say to seven billion of us living on it is rather essential.


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